Alberto Sarullo

Technical Director / Web & Mobile App Developer / Physical computing

Javascript / Html5 / Objective C / Swift / Php / Python

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MEG - National Museum of Science and Technology

MEG - Micro Experimental Growing - is the world's first indoor automated greenhouse, 100% Open Source, connected to Internet

Cisco Live - Hackathon 1st Place

Tech: Cisco Enterprise IOT, Cisco Data in Motion, Python, Php

Varina website - Frontend

Tech: js, closure compiler, html5, css3

Lego vs Ruzzle - Robot - NodeJS, Mindstorm

Tech: nodejs, javascript, nxt, bluetooth, tesseract, bash - Homepage & Cms

Tech: html5, js, php

Salvatore Ferragamo - Html5 site - Frontend

Tech: js, html5, css, wcs

Timbuktu - iPad App - Dev & Tech Direction

Tech: objective-c, html5

iLibrary - Analysis, Prototype, Tech Direction

Tech: objective-c, xml, php, simfony

Museo Restituzioni - Actionscript frontend & Tech Direction

Tech: as3, php

Sisal Customer Display

Tech: php, as3

ItalianSession - Website e live streaming - Tech Direction

Tech: php, mysql

Salvatore Ferragamo - Flash commerce site - Frontend & Tech Direction

Tech: as3